To monitor
low voltage

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Electrics have never been so safe

PRY-CAM HOME is an easy-to-use solution to improve electrical safety, functionality and energy efficiency.

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Electricians and Installers

Thanks to PRY-CAM HOME electricians, installers and maintenance teams can carry out the main certification tests required by law easily and rapidly, using a single device.

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PRY-CAM HOME helps identify faulty electrical appliances in the home reducing overloads and black-outs. It  monitors and displays energy consumption and guides homeowners to improve energy efficiency.

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Business & Enterprise

PRY-CAM HOME Business Cloud is a dedicated digital platform that helps Energy Managers, Housing Corporations, MROs and Hospitality Operators to manage an unlimited number of PRY-CAM HOME devices at the same time, becoming the ultimate Service Provider.

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Simple and intuitive. Data available in real time.

PRY-CAM HOME enables homeowners to monitor the main parameters of their electrical installation. All data is available in real time using the dedicated APP.

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