The safer the installation,
the more efficient the home.

Safety and energy efficiency

PRY-CAM HOME also provides the homeowner with a solution that highlights invisible but potentially harmful condition of their electrical installation. This will clarify the hidden signs or failures  and indicate the right time to call in an electrician.

How PRY-CAM HOME helps you

PRY-CAM HOME helps you keep under control the things that you don’t see before it’s too late. It helps preventing faults of home electrical appliances, overloads and black-outs. It also allows to monitor energy consumption and guides homeowners towards a better energy awareness.

Directly on your phone

A system of notifications from the App allows prompt corrective actions, should anomalies occur.

Simple and intuitive

PRY-CAM HOME APP for homeowners has a visual interface that provides two levels of information: basic and advanced.
The basic mode shows real time electricity consumption, real time cost per hour, power quality, electrical appliance safety and safety of the whole installation.

Advanced features

The advanced mode shows electricity consumption starting from the moment PRY-CAM HOME was installed, and allowing comparison between the cost calculated and that invoiced by the power provider. The historical data log of for all measured parameters is also available.
This is useful not only to meet the needs of and advanced user, but also to provide the electrician with the data required to quickly diagnose a malfunctioning of the electrical installation.


All the information at hand.

PRY-CAM HOME’s dashboard shows real-time information about presence of unsafe appliances connected to the electrical installation, quality and safety of the installation’s earth wiring, load, residual available power, possible power outage risks and energy consumption in terms of unit cost and of CO2 emissions.



App for Homeowners

Tutorial for homeowners

Watch the video to find out more on how your can use PRY-CAM HOME effectively, thanks to the dedicated App.


Check the available on-line resources to know more about PRY-CAM HOME.