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PRY-CAM HOME is the ideal solution to allow electricians, installers and maintenance teams carry out the main certification instrumental tests required by law easily and rapidly, using a single device.


The added value PRY-CAM HOME can provide electricians is to reduce time and cost of the instrumental tests required by law.

The absence of invisible electrical installation anomalies that could trigger accidents and faults if not identified and addressed in due time can be guaranteed only through specific instrumental tests.

At present PRY-CAM HOME is the only device that allows to carry out the main instrumental tests required by law.

The market offers several solutions that allow to carry out some of these tests, but they are often quite expensive and require specific skills, complex use procedures and longer test times.

What you can do with PRY-CAM HOME

PRY-CAM HOME allows electricians to conduct the main electrical tests required by law to certify an electrical installation.

Easy, fast and in real time.

  • Voltage drop test
  • Earth loop impedance test
  • Residual Current Circuit Breaker test
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker test

Upon conclusion of the tests, you can easily issue a technical annex summarising the results of the instrumental tests carried out.

In addition, electricians are enabled to mitigate the risk connected to the responsibilities deriving from the release of the certification, as it is supported by documented instrumental tests.



App for Professional Electricians and Installers

Tutorial for electricians and installers

Watch the video to find out more on how to install and use PRY-CAM HOME MASTER and PLUG units.

PRY-CAM HOME for Electricians and Installers


PRY-CAM HOME is a solution designed to strengthen the relationship between electricians and homeowners. On one side, it allows the electrician to provide homeowners with the certainty of a safe and certified installation. On the other side it allows homeowners to develop a greater energy awareness and control.


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