Business & Enterprise

A complex reality is never a limit, it’s always an opportunity.

Power consumption under control.

Keeping power consumption under control, understand their evolution and optimize them accordingly is a need strongly felt by everyone, nowadays, but mostly by those who manage complex residential and commercial estates, no matter the size, like hospitals, hotels, schools, universities, apartment buildings and housing corporations.

Advanced solutions to manage complex realities.

PRY-CAM HOME is not just for homeowners, electricians and installers. The product offer includes also advanced solutions that are ideal for those who need to manage complex realities: Energy Managers, Property Managers, MROs and maintenance teams.


How PRY-CAM HOME helps you.

PRY-CAM HOME for Business & Enterprise relies on a Business Cloud platform for the integrated and comparative management of the installed devices.

Aggregate and real-time view of an unlimited number of devices on your desktop.

No matter how many PRY-CAM HOME devices you manage. The Business Cloud platform allows you to manage an unlimited number of PRY-CAM HOME devices at the same time.

Data Analysis.

The Business Cloud platform allows to compare the data gathered with the managed PRY-CAM HOME devices.

Consumption monitoring and energy efficiency comparative analyses allows to objectively assess electrical safety levels and to identify possible optimisations.

A new service for your customers.

Thanks to PRY-CAM HOME’s Business Cloud, Energy Managers, Property Managers, MROs and maintenance teams can become a true Service Provider for their customers.


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