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How PRY-CAM HOME works

Compact, easy to install and to use, PRY-CAM HOME consists of two device units: the MASTER and the PLUG that allow to monitor the main parameters of the electrical installation in the home. Data is available in real time using the dedicated APP.

The installation of PRY-CAM HOME MASTER and PLUG units is quick and easy. The solution is managed using two APPs, PRY-CAM HOME PRO APP, for professional electricians and PRY-CAM HOME APP for homeowners, available for both iOS and Android.

Following installation of the MASTER in the consumer unit and connection of the PLUG to the required test points, with PRY-CAM HOME PRO APP and electrician can carry out the following instrumental tests:

  • Voltage drop test
  • Earth loop impedance test
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker test
  • Residual Current Circuit Breaker test

Among the advantages that PRY-CAM HOME provides electricians are particularly interesting and specifically designed features for their customers in order to provide them with long term benefits.

PRY-CAM HOME allows electricians to plan tailor-made maintenance programmes and make their clients’ installations more efficient. Thanks to PRY-CAM HOME, the electrician becomes a true reference point for the active safety, full functionality and energy efficiency of electrical installations at home.

Also homeowners can take advantage from using PRY-CAM HOME, as all data measured by the device is transferred and stored in a private cloud. Homeowners can access their data securely with their smartphone.

PRY-CAM HOME APP allows the homeowner to keep the main parameters of an electrical installation under control both in real-time and over time, thanks to the history log.

Homeowners receive PRY-CAM HOME notifications on their smartphone in the event of issues detected on their home electrical installation. For example, unsafe appliances or power over-usage and associated risk of a blackout, PRY-CAM HOME APP notifies the homeowner promptly in order to address the issue.

PRY-CAM HOME APP for homeowners has a visual interface that provides two levels of information:

  • basic, showing real time electricity consumption, real time cost per hour, power quality, electrical appliance safety (RCD) and safety of the whole installation by checking the earth loop impedance and the neutral/earth voltage;
  • advanced, showing electricity consumption starting from the moment PRY-CAM HOME was installed, and allowing comparison between the cost calculated and that invoiced by the power provider. The historical data log of for all measured parameters is also available. This is useful not only to meet the needs of and advanced user, but also to provide the electrician with the data required to quickly diagnose a malfunctioning of the electrical installation.

PRY-CAM HOME is a solution designed to strengthen the relationship between electricians and homeowners. On one side, it allows the electrician to provide homeowners with the certainty of a safe and certified installation. On the other side it allows homeowners to develop a greater energy awareness and control.